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The talent hunt begins…

The talent hunt begins…

Dubai firms are recruiting again, but they face a shortage of skilled expat workers.

February 22, 2010 1:42 by

Even though Dubai is still struggling to settle its debt issues, there are a few indications that the city is slowly emerging out of the financial crisis. And as the revival begins, things are starting to look up in the UAE’s employment market.

Earlier this month, a global survey by international recruitment firm Antal found that 51 percent of the organizations in the UAE are currently hiring, and 62 percent are planning to hire managerial staff over the next three months.

“Despite the highly-publicized economic pains of Dubai, the region as a whole seems to be holding up well with hiring levels rising,” Nizar Lalani, CEO and country manager of Antal’s Gulf office said in a release.

A recent survey by local jobs website and YouGov Siraj also found that companies are now more likely to be actively recruiting staff, compared with last quarter of 2009. In the UAE, 24 percent of the respondents said that their organizations would definitely be hiring over the next three months, and another 26 percent said they would probably be hiring – a slight pickup in confidence on the previous survey in November last year, when 48 percent said they would definitely or probably be hiring.

“During the recession, a number of the region’s professionals lost their jobs as organizations cut their human resources budgets in a bid to save money and ride out the recession,” Rabea Ataya, CEO of said in a release. “Now, as the region recovers from the recession, one of the first things that companies look at sourcing is the right talent to fit their new business needs.”

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  1. Global Peace & Love on February 23, 2010 8:14 am

    Notice this paragraph…..?
    “According to reports, nearly 30 percent of Indian workers in the Gulf work here as doctors, advertising executives and engineers. And many of them, who were made redundant during the crisis, have already relocated back to their homes. Also, many of the younger educated Indians, who earlier used to eye lucrative employment in Gulf, are now finding better opportunities in India, as the country’s economy is booming.”

    Do the ill-informed or propaganda/racially motivated or whatever people who believe that Indians out here are merely low-paid unskilled laborers out to cause more harm to the economy FINALLY GET IT now? If not they NEVER will.


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