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The talent hunt begins…

The talent hunt begins…

Dubai firms are recruiting again, but they face a shortage of skilled expat workers.

February 22, 2010 1:42 by

Dubai’s announcement about its debt problems in November last year further sparked off an outflow of foreign professionals from the city, as they worried about job security, say reports. According to Reuters, thousands of foreigners are estimated to have left the city last year, many of them looking for opportunities in Asian countries like Hong Kong and Singapore.

Dubai’s image has also suffered massively during the last year thanks to endless negative media reports; as Kipp reported in December last year, some of our friends outside the country were really concerned about “whether we were okay” when the debt issues were reported in the global media.

And the negative publicity has spooked potential employees. “It’s a case of re-educating and we are asking potential employees to come over here for a working holiday and have interviews rather than believe what they read,” Christo Daniels, the general manager at the recruitment agency IQ Selection in Dubai, told The National.

But even as once-successful ex-Dubaians blame the city for everything – from financial problems to marriage breakdowns (read this in Sunday’s Daily Mail), it certainly looks like it’s going to be hard to convince skilled and talented workers to return here.

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  1. Global Peace & Love on February 23, 2010 8:14 am

    Notice this paragraph…..?
    “According to reports, nearly 30 percent of Indian workers in the Gulf work here as doctors, advertising executives and engineers. And many of them, who were made redundant during the crisis, have already relocated back to their homes. Also, many of the younger educated Indians, who earlier used to eye lucrative employment in Gulf, are now finding better opportunities in India, as the country’s economy is booming.”

    Do the ill-informed or propaganda/racially motivated or whatever people who believe that Indians out here are merely low-paid unskilled laborers out to cause more harm to the economy FINALLY GET IT now? If not they NEVER will.


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