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The UAE’s national ID card

In a bid to consolidate labor, health, visa and other official information into one entity, the UAE government introduced the national ID card. Kipp looks at the structure, purpose and possible results of the card scheme.

December 30, 2008 6:53 by

History and purpose

The federal government created the national ID card in 2006. The purpose of the card is to reduce government paperwork and documentation, and to combine an individual’s information into a single card. Once issued, the card will reduce the amount of paperwork (and headache) required to get most transactions done at government offices. And, according to the Dubai government website, the ID card will be used as a travel document within the GCC in the future.

In addition to merging information into a single card, the IDs will give the government a more accurate consensus of the UAE’s population. Many Emiratis and illegal workers have not registered with the government and are therefore unaccounted for. The entire national ID scheme will force many individuals in the nation to register with the government if they want to continue living in the UAE; without the card, they can’t benefit from government services and health care insurance.


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