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The World Wide Web

Twenty years after it was created, its inventors say that the web is not all done, and that the new changes will “rock the world.”

March 16, 2009 5:09 by

In March 1989, Tim Berners-Lee, an employee of CERN, handed his supervisor in Geneva a document entitled Information Management: A Proposal. The supervisor reportedly described it as “vague, but exciting” and gave it the go ahead, according to CERN. The next year, Berners-Lee wrote the software that first gave users access to information on the already-existing internet.

“The exact date, I’ll have to admit, is sort of a created one because I can’t remember which day it was I actually wrote the darn thing,” Berners-Lee said during the recent ceremony at CERN. “I probably was thinking of it all through February.”

He said it took a while to get an adequate computer and make the idea work, but that by December 1990, the web was running between two computers at CERN.

“It took off because, across the planet, random people got involved,” Berners-Lee added. He said web usage has grown 10 fold every year since then.

According to CNet, the world’s first-ever website was


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