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The World Wide Web

Twenty years after it was created, its inventors say that the web is not all done, and that the new changes will “rock the world.”

March 16, 2009 5:09 by

With the increasing use of the web in business transactions, the occurrence of fraud has escalated; Berners-Lee himself recently admitted to being conned when a Christmas present he ordered from an online shop didn’t arrive.

According to a London-based daily, The Telegraph, around one in four internet users in the UK have fallen victim to online scams that attempt to steal people’s financial details, while one in six have fallen victim to other types of online fraud.

There has also been the constant criticism of the web for giving out unnecessary and potentially dangerous information about issues like terrorism.

It has also led to the creation of computer viruses and spam emails, which can crash websites (remember when Kipp crashed thanks to a hacker from Norway? That wasn’t fun) and delete and erase precious information.


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