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The World’s Cheapest Gizmos

Everything is getting expensive, from your mobile phone to your groceries. But there are some companies that are making it their mission to deliver the most affordable devices. And India is leading the way…

October 5, 2011 4:48 by

  • At a subsidised price of $35, Aakash is the world’s cheapest tablet. Initial production will start with 100,000 units. Developed by British-based company DataWind, the device is designed for students. It uses the Google Android operating system and will be assembled in India. Interestingly, Aakash may just be a revamped version of the unnamed ‘laptop’ of the same price range that India announced back in 2010. Image from AFP

  • Another representative from India is Tata Motors’ Nano. Setting aside that its parent company owns uber premium brands like Jaguar and Landrover, the humble Nano promotes itself as the People’s Car. For $2500 for the entry level model, the Nano is touted by even Time Magazine as “one of the most important cars ever designed”. Its sales, however, have been on the decline since its launch in 2009. Image from Time.

  • A phone that costs less than $15? It makes you wonder if that kind of technology can be made at such a low price then why are the rest of us willing to paying hundreds of dollars for our gadgets. The Vodafone 150 was unveiled in 2010 at the Mobile World Congress. It is aimed at developing countries such as India, Turkey, and African countries like Lesotho, Kenya and Ghana.

  • This super computer in Japan only costs $420,000 and is built from ordinary computer parts. Until recently, only very privileged people have access to super computers, which could cost up to $1.3 billion dollars.

  • Okay so technically it’s not really a gizmo but it’s so cheap we had to put it on this list. The final item on our list of world’s cheapest is a house. For $650, Tata Group can give you a home. From the same company that gave the world the $2500-car, comes the world’s cheapest house. This pre-fabricated house is designed for the rural poor. Prototypes have been launched and actual availability will start next year. Image from BBC.


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