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The world’s recent major quakes in the last 10 years

Up to 1,000 people were possibly killed in a powerful earthquake in southeast Turkey's Van province earlier this week. Here is a short timeline of some of the world's recent major quakes in the last 10 years.

October 24, 2011 4:01 by

  • An earthquake of magnitude 7.7 strikes the western state of Gujarat killing at least 19,700 people and causing damage in neighbouring Pakistan. The quake affected 15.9 million people in 7,904 villages.

  • A magnitude 6.7 earthquake strikes Algiers and nearby towns to the east, killing 2,251 and injuring 10,243.

  • A magnitude 6.8 earthquake strikes the historic city of Bam, 1,000 km (600 miles) southeast of Tehran. Some 30,948 people were killed in the quake.

  • The number of dead and missing in an Asian earthquake and tsunami reaches almost 230,000. The wave crashed into Sri Lanka and India, drowning thousands and swamping tourist isles in Thailand and the Maldives. The quake measured 9.15 in magnitude.

  • At least 86,000 people are killed by a 7.6 magnitude quake about 95 km (60 miles) northeast of Islamabad. The quake also rocks Indian Kashmir, killing 1,244 there.

  • Around 87,600 people are killed in Sichuan province after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hits the region.

  • A powerful earthquake strikes central Italy, killing 296 people.

    Some 65,000 people lose their homes in the 6.3 magnitude quake. The quake strikes the Abruzzo region east of Rome. The dead were mainly in L'Aquila, a 13th century city about 100 km (60 miles) east ofRome with a population of 68,000.

  • A 7.0 magnitude quake devastates Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, and kills around 316,000 people. The United Nationsestimates that 80,000 buildings in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas collapsed after the quake, leaving 10 million cubic metres of rubble.

  • An 8.8 magnitude quake and subsequent tsunami in Chile kill more than 500 people and cause some $30 billion in damage, wrecking hundreds of thousands of homes and mangling highways and bridges.

  • A 6.3 magnitude earthquake hits Christchurch on Feb. 22, killing 181 people and causing an estimated NZ$15 billion ($12 billion) of damage.

  • A 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami strikes Japan's northeast leaving it in ruins. About 15,690 are killed, 4,740 are missing and 5,710 are injured.

    -- It also knocked the world's third biggest economy into its second recession in three years and triggers the world's biggest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl in 1986.


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