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Three ways to constructively procrastinate at work


Who says slacking off isn’t productive?

August 14, 2014 10:55 by

By Nadine Sayegh

Here are Kipp’s top 3 things to do when you’re taking a break from all that paper work . . .

1. Lumosity:

You might have seen its terribly annoying ads on YouTube, but Lumosity does work wonders.

If you find yourself with no motivation to work, use the app, which is available for download on Andriod and iOS devices, during a short break to give your brain a workout.  To explain more thoroughly, Lumosity is a gaming app that performs several functions designed to scientifically improve cognitive ability. The games include memory training, problem solving, attention, as well as speed training. You can track your progress and Lumosity will also remind you to practice.

2. Google:

You may never be as knowledgeable as the all-knowing search-monster Google, but there is no harm in trying, right? Find out about that one thing you have been curious about for some time and spend the next 20 minutes memorizing all those must-know facts. You’ll be keeping your brain active and guaranteeing your spot on next week’s quiz team.

 3. Head outside:

Leave the office, take a walk, take the rest of the day off.

We’re kidding about taking the rest of the day off (maybe), but try and leave your office building and spend a few minutes enjoying the great outdoors. While this is not applicable during the hot summer months, you can always stretch your legs in the office corridor instead.

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