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Through the keyhole

Through the keyhole

A national survey on social issues is giving the world a glimpse of what Saudis really think.

May 28, 2009 3:05 by

A survey carried out by the National Initiative for Social Solidarity has revealed how people in the Kingdom understand social bonding and other community-related issues.

Ninety percent of the people surveyed answered yes when asked: “Do you think that the Saudi family is dependent on the father and that they could help him, one way or the other?”

About 300,000 copies of the questionnaire, containing 44 questions about various social issues, were distributed until the beginning of May after the launch of the initiative this March. The initiative is the first collaboration between the Ministry of Social Affairs and Derte Al Ghaliah, a nonprofit organization specialized in social responsibility and development.

Hadeel Abdulrazaq Bougary, executive director of Derte Al Ghaliah and the initiative’s general supervisor, said the survey is aimed at estimating how much the community knows about social bonding, which is defined as the integration and degree and type of integration shown by a society, and the social relations that bind people to one another.

“The idea stemmed from a desire to learn about the Saudi citizens’ opinions about development issues,” said Bougary. “We want to come up with ways for the community to support itself, find solutions to its problems and increase the level of social bonding at all levels of society.”

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