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Tiger Woods

The golfer has announced that he will be stepping out “indefinitely” from the game that has made him billions of dollars, after a string of his extramarital affairs came to light.

December 16, 2009 4:16 by

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According to Nielsen, the volume of discussion about Woods online has increased tremendously since the recent scandal broke out.

“The allegations which have emerged against Woods burst the bubble on his previously squeaky clean reputation and pose a substantial dilemma for his sponsors,” said Stuart Pike, research director for Asia Pacific for Nielsen’s online division. “News of this ilk takes on a snow-balling effect via online channels, and the impact on brands associated with the golf star need to be carefully considered.

“The biggest concern for sponsors is the speed with which consumer perceptions can change, in turn impacting perceptions of their brands-in the case of Tiger Woods, looking at brand association maps both pre- and post-controversy is like looking at two different people, and for Woods’ sponsors, these are risky times,” he said.

A poll conducted by The Washington Post and ABC News found that more than four in 10 Americans now hold an unfavorable view of Tiger Woods.

“Tiger is the best example of a walking, individual corporation,” Ben Porritt, a PR executive told The New York Times. “Tiger is going to come out of this as somewhat of a bankrupt brand.

“He will have to restructure and go forward.” But, he said, “It’s going to be an ugly few months.”


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  1. Tamera Reep on February 20, 2010 8:30 pm

    I definitely cannot speak for anybody else, but It is my opinion all of the press that this saga is gaining is absurd. Tiger cheated on his wife, not golf. Really the only people he needs to please is going to be his loved ones in addition to sponsors. It is actually obvious why the guy ought to say i’m sorry and then try to make amends with Elin. His sponsors have paid plenty of cash marketing him. In addition to that, this is a personal household concern and he really should be permitted to take care of it behind closed doors. Everyone quite frankly doesn’t have the right to be told every last minimal aspect concerning everybody’s daily life, no matter what their celebrity status.


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