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Time travelling–Qatar’s Amphibious 1000 is like a stroll down UAE’s memory lane

Time travelling–Qatar’s Amphibious 1000 is like a stroll down UAE’s memory lane

Precious de Leon suspects the ambitious Amphibious project may just prove that time travel is possible, seeing as it follows the same extravagance seen in UAE's now-defunct projects of old.

August 8, 2011 3:51 by

When Kipp first set foot in Doha, our first impression mirrored every other first impression we’ve ever heard from UAE residents that have visited Qatar: going there was like travelling back in time to a UAE five years younger.

Of course, we always thought that was just a crude way of saying it has less congested roads and that it remains on the cusp of becoming a bustling metropolitan.

Qatar’s latest property announcement, however, is forcing Kipp to have second thoughts about whether or not the country is in fact the site for a tear in the time-space continuum.

Apparently, there are plans for a $500-million resort to be built off the coast of Qatar, at least that’s according to an article in Emirates 24/7 and

Dubbed Amphibious 1000 (try saying that with a straight face), the semi-submerged project will feature four hotels, underwater lounges and a museum. It’ll be built in the middle of a marine reserve, no less. Check out the link to see more photos of this ambitious Amphibious.

So did Qatar’s property developers not get the memo that region’s property sector has grown out of its sci-fi ways? (Remember the air-conditioned beach project and the underwater hotel?)

This is a head-shaking moment. One of the reasons, Kipp never felt guilty for saying before that Qatar is five years behind the UAE’s development is because we always saw it as an advantage for Qatar to be able to learn from the pitfalls and challenges that the UAE made.

But this latest marine venture makes Kipp think Qatar may have chosen to disregard the lessons from the UAE’s half-finished buildings and the barren plots of promises where there should have been amusement parks and businesses.

Kipp appreciates that there should always be room for innovation. But while it looks like Qatar is going for innovation gold with this project, considering the Arab Spring, the ailing global economy and the debacle of corruption allegations surrounding the World Cup 2022, perhaps posterity should have come to the surface first..or at least a little pragmatism for starters.

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