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TIMELESS PRODUCTIVTY: Would you work better without time?

Twitpic's CTO Steve Corona unsubscribes from the clock and found himself to be more productive. Could this work for your workplace?

September 18, 2012 4:20 by

A few months ago, Kipp wrote about the CTO of Twitpic. Homebrewing, Cars, Running, and NoSQL, Steve Corona’s rather interesting 30-day-long information diet-which he spent free off the major time-suckers of his day including: Facebook,  Twitter, Reddit and Hacker News. He intended to create “more value in my life, quit hoarding information, and appreciate the time that I spent with friends” and found that his information diet enabled to have more time to meditate, write, build on friendships and exercise.

Since then, Corona has upped the ante. This time, it is time he has turned his back on. For three whole months, he switched off the time display of his alarm clock, laptop, microwave and VCR. He unstrapped his watched and altered the time display on his iPhone to show that of a different geographic location. It should be noted, it still used the calendar on his phone to alert of appointments he had to keep, but otherwise he depended on the sun to decipher the time of the day.

The results? After three months of being ‘timeless’ he found himself to be less stressed: ” I don’t worry about how long things take or even bother considering how long they should take- Over a lifetime, an extra couple of minutes here or there is a rounding error and a worthy price to pay for the benefits. I’m no longer chained to the clock. I measure my life in heartbeats and years, the only significant units to me.”

Wax poetic he may, but there is an undeniable simple wisdom to Corona’s words. Being chained to the clock may keep you on schedule but it may negatively affect how you work. Instead of allowing yourself to truly ‘get’ into your project, you may find yourself looking at the clock to prep for this appointment or that meeting.

Then again, given the UAE’s fond disregard of punctuality, perhaps instituting a similar way of working may not be the best way to get the best of your employees. Nonetheless, his experiment is instructive: what other elements of the working day are sucking the productivity of employees?

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  1. chaz on September 19, 2012 6:05 am

    I thought this was happening here already.
    Certainly explains a lot!


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