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Too fast, too furious

Too fast, too furious

Municipal decisions in the UAE, like the Abu Dhabi villa demolitions, are taken and enforced with ridiculously commendable speed but such hastiness can also inconvenience many residents.

March 27, 2011 4:36 by

Some of these villas being torn apart are home to paying families with children and pets. Giving them sufficient forewarning of their impending eviction is only fair. Or what about providing these residents with alternate arrangements, for instance providing them with accommodation in a building complex with comparable rents?

Kipp understands that the UAE is a young country and that the kind of planning and organisation we are calling for needs some time. Frankly, though, it just seems to Kipp that if the country wants to be the epitome of modernity and sophistication, jumping the gun (even when you are in the right) and falling back on hindsight all the time may not be the best way to go about achieving this.

What is frustrating about this case is that the issue could have been dealt with in a much more meticulous manner: step one ensure all villa residents are aware of this new law, step two issue notices to the tenants themselves with at least a six-month grace period to find an alternate arrangement; step three ensure tenants get the money they have paid the landlord upfront for their accommodation–Kipp could go on, but we won’t. All we will say is that we dearly hope the municipality seriously consider suggestions like these to take their already commendable contribution to society to the next level.

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