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Too much of a good thing?

Why is Apple getting so much flack for one of its upgrades for the iPhone5?

September 25, 2012 9:00 by

When it comes to the limitless world of cellular technology can there really a device ever have too much of a good thing? Could a camera have too high a resolution your eyes point blank reject the image? Could a screen get too big you develop carpel tunnel syndrome just holding it? Or perhaps a touch screen too receptive you have to be extra careful when you swipe it?


The iPhone 5 may not be quite there yet, but as Gizmodo pointed out, one of the most unexpected things the smug owners of the iPhone 5 are complaining of, is the new phone’s lightness. Calling it flimsy, unreliable and weak, the iPhone’s weight issue has been the subject of much hate on Twitter. Consider the following:


Tom H writes – New iPhone is crazy light compare to previous models!




First meeting with the iPhone 5…too light. It’s following Samsung in the flimsy-feel department.


Leo Krkuti writes – This new iPhone is so damn light! Wtf!





Don’t like the new iPhone. Its too light.




Can I be honest and say I wish the iPhone 5 was slightly thicker and heavier. Hate thin phones!



@DeanAnthonyDobbs – iPhone 5 owners complaining that their shiny new gizmo is “toolight”. Starting to believe those Samsung adverts now…


@null! My new iPhone 5 is so light, you can hardly tell that it’s stolen.


It is too early to know whether these reactions will play a role in the weight of future phone. Surely, here in the UAE it will be a few weeks before the phone will even be available to users, but this could prove to be an interesting case study. At what point does innovation betray inertia and habit? Will users just adapt to having a lighter phone or is there, indeed, such a thing as having too light a phone?

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