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Top 5 DXB Halloween Costumes

Sure it may be an American Holiday, but you can still spice it up with some local flavor. Here are our top 5 picks for Halloween costumes.

October 26, 2011 4:58 by

  • Rohit's song about The Malls of Dubai got him super famous-even Kipp featured him. To do a Rohit, don on some baggy clothes, dark sunglasses, plugs in your head phones and wear a back pack. Oh yeah, and spew random rhyming lyrics about the malls in Dubai for special resemblance.

  • UAE just couldn't get enough of this reality star, when she came to open a Millions of Milkshake store here in Dubai. If you have a girl friend without a costume idea, she can dress up as Mommy Kardashian. Very simple put on extra padding for special  curvaceous affects, and throw on all the make up you can get your paws on.

  • Modesh is Dubai's favourite mascot everyone loves to hate. Making a Modesh costume is easy enough, just buy a really big Modesh from a Modesh world and snip snip snip away.

  • The opening of the green line, two years after the Red Line, marks a momentous achievement on behalf of the RTA. Why not commemorate it this Halloween?

  • Al Wasl made headlines when it was revealed that their latest coach was none other than football legend Diego Maradonna. And since then, the UAE has been somewhat star struck by the Argentinian footballer.


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