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Top 5 statements made in the media about the Qatar World Cup

Qatar 2022

The biggest accusations made against the Gulf country in the past month

July 1, 2014 12:58 by

With the FIFA World Cup 2014, the scandal surrounding the Qatar World Cup has been swept under the carpet.

This comes as a surprise to us, seeing as how some pretty big statements have been made throughout this month (June). We compiled a list of the most controversial statements made by global media outlets about the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

1.       The Guardian: ‘We may never know how Qatar won the rights to host the 2022 World Cup’

The newspaper presents an in-depth argument into the corruption surrounding both Qatar and Russia’s win to host consecutive World Cup tournaments, in 2018 and 2022. A number of sketchy payments were traced. They also report that two of the 24 voting members did not make it to the final vote due to bribery and corruption allegations.

2.       Al-Arabiya News: ‘FIFA ignored Qatar’s ‘high terror risk’ ranking’

Al Arabiya provides commentary on The Sunday Times report which states that Qatar ignored an internal investigation into the security situation that will surround the 2022 World Cup. Security experts within FIFA have claimed that Qatar is a high-risk location, and these reports were promptly ignored.

3.       Reuters: ‘World Cup – Blatter: Attacks on Qatar 2022 are ‘racist’’

At the African and Asian confederations Sepp Blatter speaks to a delegation of representatives and claims all the attacks on FIFA are unfounded as well as ‘racist’. He also claims that the British media are allowing for a racist attack on Qatar’s bid.

4.       The Telegraph: ‘Fifa president Sepp Blatter must stand down after ‘offensive’ comments, says FA chairman Greg Dyk’

The article investigates Greg Dyk’s, chairman of the Football Association, reaction to Sepp Blatter’s off-handed ‘racism’ remark. Dyk also calls for an investigation into allegations against FIFA for bribery and corruption and he also points out how other senior members of global football bodies are not pleased by Blatter’s response to the media attention.

5.       The Guardian: ‘Qatar had the strongest bid for the 2022 Fifa World Cup. Here’s why’

The newspaper recently publish an opinion piece by Sheikh Hamdan bin Khalifa bin Ahmad Al Thani, president of the Qatar Football Association, that presents a well structured counter-argument to all the bad press that the small nation has been on the receiving end of. He presents a number of arguments to why FIFA selected Qatar, and makes a strong case for the Gulf nation.

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