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Top 5 tips for renting in Dubai

Keys and contract

Renting a property in a cosmopolitan city can be daunting

June 25, 2014 6:18 by

By Florence Pilkington

We’re constantly hearing numerous horror stories about the property sector in Dubai: tales about tenants being evicted so landlords can raise the rent and even rent hikes while tenants are still in situ.

It’s the never-ending story.

Kippreport speaks to Dubizzle’s property product marketing manager, Ann Boothello, and general manager of the UAE market, Barry Judge, to find out the top tips you should consider when renting in Dubai.

1. Budgeting – Set a maximum budget and stick to it. People tend to get carried away, but over the course of time it will add up and end up eating out of your yearly financial budgeting.
2. Prepare yourself for price increases – It is always good to keep in mind that a five to ten per cent increase in rent could occur for the year ahead. Many people look at the current price and forget to take into account that the prices will increase.
3. Meet with your landlord – Try to maintain a good relationship with him or her, or the real estate agent you are dealing with. That way, you will be aware of possible rent increases or any chances of eviction early on, and possibly even negotiate price.
4. Make sure your landlord applies for the Ejari contract – Make sure you have your own copy. If you have any disputes with your landlord, it will not be valid and you will not be able to file a claim at the rent dispute committee unless you have an Ejari contract.
5. Read your tenancy agreement – This is a must. Sometimes information can be placed in disclaimers or in between lines, and when it comes to maintenance costs, if pets are allowed or not, or whether it is a renewable contract, you need to clarify all of these things before you put your name to paper.

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