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Top five global experience gifts sure to impress

Forget shopping for gifts in crowded malls. Experience gifts are the wave of the future. Here are top five gifts in ascending price range that’s sure to impress.

December 12, 2011 3:15 by

  • Let’s start with a place that caters to every member of the family.. If you’re still undecided about what to do in these year-end holidays, then, have a look at Sentosa Island–a beautiful five-square kilometer island, just half a kilometer away from the main island of Singapore.

    It offers numerous activities like trekking, trailing and bird watching. Apart from that, Sentosa Island also has two world-class golf courses (so the male members in the family won’t miss out on the fun part).

    The Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom is a must-visit for all nature lovers and children while the island also has plenty of beaches on offer, which means that it’s not short of water sports offering from scuba diving and windsurfing to sea kayaking and paragliding.

    Also, Sentosa Island doesn’t disappoint those who aren’t into too much water sports. The island has year-round festivities with midnight parties and interesting local events and shopping locations.

    This massive island playground is an all-in-one destination and will leave you with an unforgettable experience, making you want to go back for some more. The Day Play Pass is priced at $64 per adult and $48 for children.

  • If all the celebrities can do it, then you can do it too. Create your own signature perfume that reflects your own personality and not that of some D-list reality star or some deluded starlet.

    Besides, a custom-made perfume is a great gift for a special someone or to capture memories of someone you miss dearly.

    Cotsworld Perfumery in London allows you to do just that. The company offers two creative perfumery courses for a sum of $586.

    The class is very interactive and personalized. It also only takes up to nine participants at a time for level one and six for level two. At the end of the class, you get to take home a 25ml bottle of your own fragrance, a 100ml bottle of any cologne from the ladies range or 100ml of After Shave, and a certificate of completion of the course.

  • No amount of gadgetry is going to compare to a gift of experiencing flight in a hot air balloon, overlooking the beauty of Andalusia and the rest of the south of Spain.

    Experience box gives you a bird’s eye view of landscape that envelope the cities of Antequera, Cordoba, Granada, Jerez de la frontera, Ronda and Seville.

    If you have the time to slowly take in the scenery, then this is the experience gift for you. Of course, if you need to get somewhere, a hot air balloon is a fairly impractical vehicle. You can't really steer it, ­and it only travels as fast as the wind blows. But if you simply want to enjoy the experience of flying, there's nothing quite like it.

    The package includes a breakfast and the balloon takes off at 8am after an initial check on the weather and wind conditions. The whole experience lasts up to three hours.

    Priced at $1,019, this is an exclusive trip, where only you and another person (and the pilot, of course) will enjoy the flight.

  • You haven’t been pampered if you haven’t tried the Indulgence spa package at New York’s Mandarin Oriental.

    This physically and mentally invigorating treatment is really a blend of treatments from around the world. It combines ancient and contemporary techniques including Thai yoga, spa cuisine, massages, specialised facial & body wraps, exfoliation, as well as a pedicure & manicure using their exclusive signature spa products.

    This gift of Mandarin Oriental’s legendary service, Michelin-starred cuisine and award-winning spa is all wrapped into one package worth $1,700. It also includes staying at the 650-square-feet VIP Spa Suite, which has a fireplace, elevated bath, steam shower, dual massage beds and an elegant king bed – is an ultimate spa experience.

  • If you are looking for a more luxurious way to fly, then chartering a private jet is right for you.

    Forget standing in line at airports for baggage check/at safety checkpoints, forget the impersonal airlines, forget the cramped airplane seats, and forget the sad choice of airplane meals. Chartering a private jet is the way to travel!

    Smithsonian Journeys offers ‘Around the World by Private Jet’. At $64,950, the service will allow you to visit Peru, Australia, Cambodia, India, Tanzania and Morocco. You can have the adventure of your life while having staff attend to your needs throughout the journey.


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