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Top six factors for driving loyalty


By Dion Maritz, general manager at ICLP Middle East.

October 27, 2013 4:43 by

The loyalty landscape has changed dramatically in the past 25 years. Our experience from successfully working with brands across multiple industry sectors (such as airline, automotive, channel, financial services, FMCG, hotel, luxury, retail and technology) on a local, regional and global basis has provided a clear understanding of what it takes to positively motivate customers.

Below are key insights – some feel like familiar truths, while others harness technologies and trends that are changing by the hour. However, their application has already been proven to increase loyalty:

1. Put your customer at the heart of everything you do
It sounds obvious, but it’s worth saying loud and proud. To inspire loyalty in your customers, put their needs at the centre of your operations. See everything you do from their point of view.

• Take a more holistic customer approach
• Match customer expectations
• Shape the organisation for success
• Redefine the meaning of valuable customers
• Continue to challenge and innovate
• Improve the customer journey
• Develop a more unified multi-channel experience

2. Unlock the power of customer data
Data is valuable capital, but it’s what you do with it that really counts. Smart companies mine their data for details and insights that get them closer to their customers, some companies use predictive modelling to stay ahead.

• Use data intelligently
• Identify potential value
• Predict behaviour

3. Don’t stand still – continue to create value
Market situations change constantly. Think big and keep evolving your proposition to continue demonstrating value and relevance to customers.

• Continue to evolve the loyalty proposition
• Think global, but act local

4. Truly, madly, deeply – inspiring deeper engagement
Brands that inspire the deepest loyalty find ways to interact intelligently across multiple platforms. Work, rest and play, brands are striking up real conversations with consumers that resonate and are remembered.

• Encourage early engagement and redemption
• Make loyalty more emotional
• Use trust to breed advocacy
• Motivate consumers to become promoters
• Facilitate dialogue – listen and respond
• Embrace digital convergence

5. Up your game – harness technology and interactivity to pull customers closer
Mobile technology is a loyalty game changer. Capitalise on the world’s love affair with smartphones and get up close and personal with your customers.

• Mobilise loyalty
• Extend your reach
• Foster more fun and enjoyment

6. How am I doing? Maximising the return of your loyalty marketing investment
Understanding your performance – both the big picture and fine details – is key to your success.

• Measure and monitor for success
• Social measurement
• Mobile measurement

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