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Tortured to death

Tortured to death

An “Asian” maid working in Saudi Arabia was tortured and beaten to death by her Saudi employers. They claim she failed to follow their orders, reports Arab News.

August 25, 2009 11:38 by

A 28-year-old maid described only as “Asian” was beaten to death by her sponsor and his wife last Friday, a local daily reported on Monday.

Police confirmed reports the maid was brought to a local hospital in Jubail dead with multiple wounds and burns to her body and head. Police said an iron rod was used to beat and burn the maid.

Police have arrested the 36-year-old Saudi and his 29-year-old wife. The man confessed to beating the maid with an iron rod. He also said the rod was heated to burn the maid.

The couple claimed that they had to resort to the beatings because of the maid’s attitude. The husband justified his behavior saying the maid repeatedly failed to carry out his orders and also neglected work inside the house.

The husband, during the interrogation, cast doubts about the maid’s character, claiming that she did “indecent” things inside the house. He said he took the iron to the maid’s body after throwing water on her.

The man confessed that his wife joined him in torturing the maid more than once. A special team set up to investigate the murder transferred the employer’s wife to a women’s shelter in Al-Ahsa because she is not over 30. It is common to place women in detention in such shelters.

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  1. Jack Black on August 26, 2009 6:09 am

    This just doesn’t happen. To think of US giving this so-called civilized countries the power to harness atom, a so-called civilized countries who hates so much. They have already demonstrated their power over the weak member of their household, to think of giving them power over their neighbor is being stupid or just plain greedy.

  2. Gaby in shock&horror on August 26, 2009 8:24 am

    I am lost for words over the sadistic brutality and unbelievable actions of these 2 people. What adds insult to the issue is the pathetic way of trying to excuse these acts of evil. If you are not satisfied with your staff’s performance you dismiss but don’t torture and kill. As Saudi is a country who still beheads and uses all sorts of medieval methods of punishment, I hope these 2 get what they deserve – an eye for an eye – lets see how the legal system in the Kingdom will deal with these 2 agents from hell !!!

  3. responce to JackBlack on August 26, 2009 9:33 am

    Apparently Jack Black you and your people have become accustomed to playing God, dictating who should have a bomb and who shouldn’t. but if i were you i would get my facts straight before blabbering over the net, Saudi is not seeking atomic energy, that would be Iran, which doesn’t even speak the same language. Moreover, where do you live, utopia ? cause i am sure this happens quite a lot in your country as well… rape, incest, kidnap… we hear about these things in the news every day happening in the western world so don’t start judging. What i am saying is what this couple did is disgusting and they should by put to death for it, but don’t attack the whole people or race because of what they did, makes you come off as an ignorant racisit.

  4. Bernadine on August 26, 2009 5:04 pm

    Dear God…how can they let this is ironic that they took the wife who was accused of beating the maid up to a special shelter…jus cos she was under the age of 30..Oh..and it is okay for a 10 year old girl to marry an 80 year old man…I hope that one day that they would really follow Islam and be compassionate…

  5. responce to JackBlack on August 26, 2009 5:31 pm

    I agree Jack that this what is done is brutal and most probably the couple may be illiterate also but in some so called progressive, modern, highly educated countries the highly professional and dignified people do the same to thier wifes and girlfriends instead of house maids ! The story of famous actor removing the nails and teeth of his girlfriend so that her dead body cannot be and was not recongnized but only by the number on the breast implant !!!
    So it differs there are such bad people in every clan, community & country !!

  6. sarita on August 28, 2009 11:22 am

    Everything I read in this paper sickens me–the 10 year old with an 80yr old husband, and the brutal treatment of the servant aka domestic slave. The region has to reform and drag itself out of the primitive ages where women’s lives are worthless.What is it about the mentality of people(men) who commit these kind of terrible crimes. An 80 year old man with a 10 year old girl is a PEDOPHILE. It seems the practice of this perversion is rife in the region. It has to stop There are enough women over 18 to marry. As for beating your servant ,sorry slave to death-despicable May these people rot in hell


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