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Go green

Going green is important to 96 per cent of the Mena population, according to

August 26, 2014 9:56 by

A survey conducted by, titled ‘Green Workplaces in the Middle East and North Africa’, shows that a large majority is concerned about environmental issues.

Paperless offices are now a developing trend, according to the results, with 49 per cent of the 7,925 respondents citing that they have been encouraged to exchange documents and resources through their computers, rather than printing.

It is an encouraging sign to see residents of this region become more conscious of the effects that they have on the environment.

The Global Footprint Network recently released a report explaining that the UAE uses 12.3 times the resources that are readily available to the nation. In layman’s terms, it would take 12 UAEs to support the current rate of energy consumption.

However, the report shows signs that this will slowly change. It states: “Recycling bins are provided in 43 per cent of Mena offices, and seven in ten (66.4 per cent) respondents recycle paper at work, while 49.8 per cent recycle paper at home.”

Hopefully, the numbers have not yet reached their peak.

The ‘Green Workplaces in the Middle East and North Africa’ results explain that, while this may not yet be common practice, it is in the process of becoming so, with “72.5 per cent of respondents [stating that] going green is something that they consider to be very important to their lifestyle”.

For those who agree with us that there is no time like the present to start conserving resources, we have put together a short list on where to start:

1. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth

2. Switch off all electric equipment before leaving the house

3. Do not print out paper unless it is a necessity (or your boss makes you, we don’t want to get you sacked)

4. Put your computer to sleep before leaving at the end of the day

5. Recycle everything you can get your hands on.

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