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Turkey’s tough foreign policy talk may backfire

Turkey’s tough foreign policy talk may backfire

Turkey raises stakes in Mediterranean over Cyprus. But threats to send warships may hurt its EU bid. Even Washington urges Turkey-Israel reconciliation.

September 21, 2011 11:49 by

… economy and on stocks,” Bashan said.

He said much of the financing for new projects had already been secured, but if the geopolitical situation worsened and investors saw higher risk, “they may want a higher risk premium”.

The United States, dismayed at the deterioration of ties between its two key regional allies, has urged restraint and reconciliation.

Ulgen said Turkey may be calculating that Washington cannot afford to imperil its relations with Turkey at such a crucial moment for the Middle East, especially since Ankara agreed last week to host a NATO radar system.

“The vision in Ankara is that Turkey is such a core country in the Middle East and in North Africa, and with such a regional influence, that at the end of the day not even a country like the United States has the luxury to push Turkey,” Ulgen said.

US President Barack Obama was due to meet Erdogan in New York later on Tuesday. Turkish officials said they would discuss Turkey’s neighbours Syria and Iran as well as wider issues.  (By Ibon Villelabeitia)

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