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Turning down a job offer? Face the wrath of a scorned potential employer

Rejection is a tough thing to handle... even for a potential employer

September 27, 2012 8:12 by

Earlier this week, I heard some interesting experiences of a friend who has been on the job hunt for the past few months. From facing the usual paradox of employers wanting fantastic candidates for not-so-fantastic salaries to the vicious cycle of not having enough job experience for a position because no one will give you a job, I was rather amused. Yet the one story which had me rather alarmed was one which she turned down a job offer only to receive a rather harsh email reply from her potential employer.


The story goes she was looking for an entry level position in the advertising industry. Having gone through two rounds of interviews she was offered the job. As she considered the job offer, her future employer was not impressed with the time she took to review the offer–so you can only imagine how the future employer reacted when my friend rejected the offer.


Here is a small excerpt from the email she sent in response to the rejection email:


“And the only reason why I am taking 5 mins off my day to explain this to you is because we meet young and naïve ad interns all the time. Well, the one thing you will realise about this industry is…not only is it very small so paths inevitably cross, but having spent over 2 decades in it, I also can make out when someone has the attributes that will bode him/her well in the years to come. And when they don’t.”

Och. Truth be told, Kipp can understand the frustration a potential employer may feel after going through the rigourous process of interviews and issuing offers-but is there ever a call for such sharpness? It is hard to be the judge of the situation without knowing all the particulars, but this got us thinking-have you ever received such a response when you turned down a job offer? Let us know.

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  1. Vanessa McPherson on September 27, 2012 11:44 am

    Seems your friend made the right choice by turning down the job! That company must be poorly run and the ‘employer’ obviously lacks PR, people management and social skills. Would be interesting to get his ‘employer’ side of the story though? Is there an issue with recruitment or Gen Y…?


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