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Twenty most expensive cities for expat rents

Twenty most expensive cities for expat rents

Dubai escapes the top 20 thanks to ‘spectacular decreases’ but Abu Dhabi remains and Beirut storms in. Here’s the list.


September 8, 2010 1:42 by

EuroCost International’s Worldwide City Ranking 2010 for Expat Rent Prices: TOP 20

(2009 position shown in brackets)

1. Tokyo (1) JAPAN

2. London (3) UNITED KINGDOM

3. Hong Kong (2) CHINA

4. Moscow (4) RUSSIA

5. Luanda (6) ANGOLA

6. Mumbai (5) INDIA

7. New York (7) UNITED STATES

8. Osaka (8) JAPAN

9. Singapore (9) SINGAPORE

10. Beyrut(28) LEBANON

11. Paris (13) FRANCE


13. Amsterdam (16) THE NETHERLANDS

14. Sydney (41) AUSTRALIA

15. Geneva (19) SWITZERLAND

16. San Francisco (14) UNITED STATES

17. Kiev (10) UKRAINE

18. Kinshasa (27) CONGO D.R.

19. Rio (71) BRAZIL

20. Seoul (36) SOUTH KOREA

EuroCost’s numbers are based on rental costs. Obviously, types of accommodation vary widely, so to get a comparison that is as fair as possible EuroCost selects a different type of property for each annual survey and uses it as a basis for comparison and ranking. This year, the properties selected were two and three bedroom flats; average prices were calculated and converted into euros.

The company cites two reasons for the dramatic changes in the list, the first and most obvious being the tumultuous market conditions that have seen real estate values collapse in many countries. Also playing a factor are international exchange rates. “Exchange rates have highly fluctuated in 2009. Therefore, rent price evolution might have been very different in euros and in local currency.”

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