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UAE’s dead deadlines

UAE’s dead deadlines

As the latest cutoff for old cheques is extended indefinitely, Kipp wonders why the UAE has such a tough time sticking to its deadlines.

January 6, 2011 2:34 by

Deadlines: It’s clear to Kipp that the UAE can’t live without them, judging by the number it keeps trying to force on us. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem very good at living with them, either.

Exhibit A: The lines in front of the typing centers seemed to go on for days; some even came prepared with sleeping bags and thermoses (thermi? thermoss? thermoses?) full of coffee. The harassed staff at the centers had bags under their eyes as they typed, desperately attempting to cope with the sudden surge of EIDA application forms in December. And no fewer than 80,000 of them had errors in, according to the EIDA. It was the end of another year, and those who didn’t have the guts to play the game of chicken with the EIDA sacrificed sleep, food and sanity to make the arbitrary deadline of 31st December (announced less than a month before) to get their Emirates ID. Until… well, the deadline (for the umpteenth time in a row) was “extended” till mid 2011. We think.

Exhibit B: 13 October 2010 – the fateful day that RERA had set as the deadline for property developers to register a Jointly Owned Property Declaration as part of the enforcement of the Strata Law. The Strata Law, which was and is a welcome attempt to give joint-owners more rights for their property, was first introduced in 2007. And while the law makers dillydallied on the particulars of the law for three years, we were told in April 2010 owners would get 6 months to register. So we waited patiently for October 13th, and guess what? It came and went without a single registration. We reported that even a month after the supposed ‘deadline’ not a single owners association had been registered.

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