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UAE 87th on ‘goodness’ index

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The ‘Good Country Index’ measures a nation’s contributions to humanity

June 26, 2014 6:05 by

The UAE falls short and ranks 87th out of 125 countries categorized according to contributions in fields working towards the benefit of mankind.

Settled between Peru and Boliva, the UAE scored the highest in the Culture category in 45th place and lowest in the World Order category, ranking 122nd.

The UAE-specific results indicate that the nation is well above average when it comes down to ‘Humanitarian aid and donations’ in the Health and Wellbeing category, as well as ‘Creative good exports’ in the Culture category.

However, according to the index, there is much room for improvement in the Science and Technology category, more specifically with regards to ‘International publications’ and ‘Patents’.

The index uses data from large organizations including the United Nations and the World Bank to calculate how much each nation contributes to global good through different sectors.

Based on seven categories, Science and Technology, Culture, International Peace and Security, World Order, Planet and Climate, Prosperity and Equality, and Health and Wellbeing, a country’s standing is calculated.

The index founder, Simon Anholt, says: “We’ve given each country a balance sheet to show at a glance whether it’s a net creditor to mankind, a burden on the planet, or something in between.”

He explains the aim of the Good Country Index is not to judge, but to encourage global conversations about how to improve the overall state of the planet.

Anholt adds: “The whole world is connected as never before, yet we still treat countries as if each one was located on its own private planet. It’s time countries started thinking much harder about the international consequences of their actions: if they don’t, the global challenges like climate change, poverty, economic crises, terrorism, drugs and pandemics will only get worse.”

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