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UAE among top 25 world’s most tech-savvy nations


Emirates number 24 on WEF global rankings

May 27, 2014 10:28 by

The UAE is the world’s 24th most ‘networked-ready’ country, reveals World Economic Forum (WEF) and INSEAD report.

Fuelled by a strong government ICT vision, the Emirates moved from 25th position last year in the latest global rankings of information and communication technology (ICT) competitiveness.

Applauding the UAE for its continued drive and focus towards becoming a top ICT-enabled nation, Rabih Dabboussi, managing director at Cisco UAE, sponsor of the report, says: “The UAE government has been relentless in its pursuit of technological excellence, as it is clearly exemplified by its bold commitments to smart city development and infrastructural innovations related to events, such as Expo 2020.”

The report measures the effectiveness of various markets in harnessing the power of ICT to boost economic growth, while also focusing on how far some have gone into bridging the digital divide.

The UAE ranks second in the Middle East region, behind Qatar, in the global networked readiness index, but is ahead of other European countries, including Italy and France. “The country’s visionary ICT leadership and a determination to adopt a cutting-edge strategy is enabling it to adapt to pressing and ever-changing ICT trends, whether it is the surging growth of big data or the increasing pervasiveness of technologies in areas, such as cloud computing and mobility,” adds Dabboussi.

The report finds that the UAE’s improved ranking is due to ICT infrastructure developments (ranks 30th) and ICT uptake by individuals (29th), resulting in positive associated economic impacts (27th).

Cisco reveals that the country’s ICT progress is reflected in the already high and rapidly increasing levels of its uptake among stakeholders. Eighty five per cent of the population uses the internet (14th) and has access to a personal computer at home (18th). Moreover, government services are largely available online (9th) and e-commerce is relatively well established (20th) in the country.

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