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UAE folks optimistic about not-so-optimistic working conditions

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A recent survey finds respondents in the UAE positively rate their job satisfaction despite claiming not to have significant job security, monetary compensation and adequate resources

May 27, 2012 6:05 by

Color Kipp surprised. Is it a sign of how terrible these times are, that fattened UAE employees consider themselves to have neutral or high job satisfaction despite working in less than ideal working conditions?

According to a consumer confidence index conducted by conducted by and YouGov, a chunky 54 percent of UAE residents rated their job satisfaction as ‘neutral’ or ‘high.’ What is so surprising about that, you ask? Well consider some other stats from the survey:

72 percent state that they have ‘neutral’ to ‘low’ satisfaction with their perceived job security.

52 percent say that their compensation is inadequate

43 percent state that there are very few jobs available

69 percent state their salary has not kept pace with the cost of living

What is more, the survey found UAE respondents said ‘there were fewer employees working in their company now than there were last year.’ So in addition to having less support and resources at work, UAE employees also consider themselves, inadequately compensated and insecure about the stability of their jobs. Good on UAE residents for keeping their chins up; but Kipp finds the statistics just a little depressing. Could there be a graver symbol of the unfortunate economic times we live in? And what does this say about the conditions of the labour market? When employees are willing to take on more work for less pay-primarily due to fear of losing their job… well does employer’s market even begin to scratch the surface?

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