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UAE residents ‘happiest in the world’

Social values study: Respect, family and ethics named three most significant values

February 19, 2013 11:08 by

According to a recent survey, not only are UAE residents among the happiest in the world but notions that many of the residents associate its way of life with materialism is false. The survey was done as part of a ‘social values forum’ by Watani – a social program erected by HH Sheikh Mohammed in 2005.

It reveals several key values that respondents of the survey (57 % nationals and 43% expatriate) hold dearest to them; some of which are Family, Honesty and Being Liked. The study is part of the UAE’s Federal Government Plan 2014-2016 and UAE Vision 2021 and included 4,100 individuals from different segments of the community. Approximately 56 percent of the participants were male and the remainder female.

The other values offered to respondents included Caring, Respect, Ethics, Achievement, Ambition, Cooperation and Commitment. Apparently, the United Arab Emirates also has quite a low level of ‘cultural entropy’ – which is the level of dysfunctional, toxic or destructive energy that people feel in a country. It was at 12 percent.

All in all, the results of the aforementioned survey paint a general picture of a stable society where people are satisfied with the country’s current situation.

The corner-stones of the culture in the Emirates were more strongly encapsulated by three values; Respect, Family and Ethics. The study states that approximately 75 percent of participants highlighted them as being the most significant of values that need upholding.

‘The existence of these three within the personal values and desired values list fact refutes the commonly held perception of the UAE as a country that is oriented towards materialism and economic prosperity,’ stated the study.

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