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UAE residents obsessed with beauty?

Health and beauty

Everywhere you look, there is either a new spa opening or an old spa offering new treatments; to make you feel better or look better. We find out just how obsessed UAE residents are with their health and beauty.

July 22, 2012 3:00 by

It’s no wonder that the UAE is known for its opulent spas and beauty salons, as 91% of residents admit to spending money on their health and beauty each month.

21% of people admit to spending between AED 367 and AED 734 per month on health and beauty, including hair, nails, hair removals, massages and gym memberships while a further 6% spend between AED 735 and AED 1100 to keep themselves beautiful.

Given the popularity of these luxuries, many people are now looking online to weigh their options and make purchases. With 44% of residents purchasing vouchers for health and beauty treatments, UAE residents are using the convenience of online shopping in increasing numbers.

In order to look their best, UAE residents spend their money on an assortment of treatments. A quarter of UAE residents enjoy monthly manicures and pedicures, and head and shoulder massages at least once per month. A lucky 1 in 10 can boast that they receive a full body massage each month or enjoy a Moroccan bath, whilst threading is one of the most popular treatments, with 68% receiving the treatment at least once per month.

The top 3 treatments that had been tried at least once by respondents were haircut (69%), facial (50%) and head massage (41%).

Despite the glorious sunshine in the region, 17% of UAE residents receive a spray tan once per month.

More interesting popular treatments include eyelash extensions – 12% have them monthly, teeth whitening – a quarterly treatment for 21%, and gold facials – enjoyed monthly by 1 in 10.

The survey also uncovered that UAE residents prefer to enjoy their beauty and spa treatments whilst on holiday – 44% said that a holiday wouldn’t feel like a real holiday without a spa treatment. Interestingly though, UAE residents showed their sense of adventure by admitting that they would still go camping, even if it meant not looking their best (69%).

Despite the evidence stacked against them, 66% of residents believe it takes them less than half an hour to get ready for a posh restaurant dinner.

Dan Stuart, managing director of LivingSocial Middle East commented: “Health and beauty is so important in the UAE and people are becoming more savvy with how to get the best value for their money. LivingSocial partners with local business to bring the undiscovered gems of the city to the people, and in the UAE this is proving very popular – especially when it comes to spas and beauty salons.   

“The UAE houses a diverse range of people so it’s really interesting to hear their views on each other. With many people enjoying a wide range of beauty treatments its remarkable to hear that 66% of people say that take less than half an hour to get ready for a night out – I guess all of that time spent in preparation at the salon, means there is less time needed at home.”

Survey conducted by YouGov

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