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UAE sponsorship system

UAE sponsorship system

An FNC member is calling for the sponsorship system in the country to be scrapped. But even if they did bin it, Kipp wouldn’t expect much to change.

November 9, 2010 3:24 by

Under the current system, foreigners need the approval of a local sponsor to enter or work in the country and switch jobs. Abolishing the system could see a freer movement of staff between companies, not to mention into and out of the country.

But before we expats get excited about Al Nuaimi’s charge on behalf employees in the sponsorship system we should catch ourselves; at the same time as advocating the abolition of sponsorship, he wants to see new rules that would also guarantee an employer’s rights, says Gulf News.

And if the system were to go, it is likely to echo events in Bahrain. The sponsorship system there was supposedly ripped up in 2009, but it was replaced by stringent new rules. In reality the progress for employees was very small, as the website Migrant Rights observed. In fact, according to Migrant Rights, it is more or less “the same old system.”

“It seems that the pronouncements about ‘abolishing’ the sponsorship system in Bahrain were premature. At best, the changing of Bahrain’s labor laws can be described as a easing of the rules,” says the site.

If the UAE ever does do away with sponsorship, Kipp won’t be surprised to hear the same words uttered in this direction.

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  1. Kantilal l panchal on November 12, 2010 9:18 am

    I was in UAE in companys sponcership. Due to no
    work in company they asked me to go on long leave for
    165days.After 165days completed company asked me
    to stay in india. after 180days or 6 months my visa was
    automatically expired, but in passport visa were not
    cancelled. so some one can advice me that now can
    i go to any GCC countries taking this velide visa.


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