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Unreal expectations: Salary increase predictions

Unreal expectations: Salary increase predictions

Kipp’s not falling for the promise of an increase in our salary, and neither should you

December 11, 2011 6:10 by

Salary hikes are just one of those topics that everybody loves to write about. Expect a salary hike in the next quarter, oh yes, expect a 7.3409723 percent increase in that stupid carrot that keep waving over your head. But because dear old Kipp has seen the promises, even once we were excited by it, we are going to tell it as it is: don’t expect a raise from your stingy tight fisted bosses.

Now, if you work the government-well that is a different story. As the UAE turned 40, salary hikes was just one form of a grand gesture from the rulers of the country. For his part Sheikh Khalifa released a resolution that guaranteed a special allowance to be given to undersecretaries and assistant undersecretaries, in addition to an increase of 35 per cent of the basic salary for the employees from grade 1 to 6 and a 45 per cent increase of the basic salary from grade 7 to 14. And what is more, the decree also granted those members of the judiciary authority as special allowance of 100 per cent of basic salary.

For his part, Dr Shaikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi has ordered an increase in the salaries of the employees of the Sharjah government. Though no numbers have been released to the press one such happy employee told us, the increase is as much 35 percent.

Well good for her!… we begrudgingly thought. Because the fact is if you work in the private sector, expecting a generous salary increase like the above is just pure delusional. No matter what anyone tells you- even if it is Mercer’s most recent survey which asked more than 300 companies across various sectors in the UAE about their plans. Even if the results found that a majority of the companies said they expected to hand out raises of 5.5 per cent next year.

If you get your hopes up remember the 68 percent of employers who had told Antal that they expected to be hiring for new positions this quarter. Pretty impressive numbers, right? But before you get carried away with the expectations listen to the words of Nizar Lallani, the chief executive and country manager for Antal: “Hiring was short of expectations” here in the UAE.

Got that?

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