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US debt crisis: simplified; Apple is the most valuable company; UK rioters: the shame, the tragedy and the amusing; Wikipedia says it’s losing contributors

Apple Is the Most Valuable Company; US debt crisis: explained; UK Rioters: the shame, the tragedy and the amusing; Wikipedia Says It's Losing Contributors.

August 11, 2011 3:17 by

Apple Is the Most Valuable Company

On Tuesday, Apple surpassed Exxon Mobil, to take the title as the stock market’s most valued company. On Tuesday afternoon Apple’s stock was $366.62, up $10.66, or 3.02 percent, giving it a market valuation of $337.11 billion. But should this be a cause for concern for the end user? After all, earlier this week Apple had been granted a temporary injunction preventing Samsung Electronics from selling iPad tablet computer rival Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the European Union, (except in the Netherlands.)

Wikipedia Says It’s Losing Contributors

Speaking to The Associated Press Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has said it is revamping editorial guidelines inorder to retain and attract contributors.

“We are not replenishing our ranks,” said Wales. With the inital batch of Wikipedia contributors growing up and moving on to other projects, could this be the begining of the end of Wikipedia?

How did one hashtag bring #MARA3I brand down

Erm, don’t look at us—the first we heard of this story was from this article. According to this blog, an increased price in Al Marai products spurred on a flurry of  ““Boycott Marai” Twitter accounts (and) a Facebook page with 25K members and growing.” So is this pure hype or real fact? Read on and make up your mind...

Jail threat for spreading rumours on Twitter, BBM

“Spreading rumours or disclosing false information and news [that] threatens the public security or causes panic among the people…will be a crime [even] if it is through email, BlackBerry or any type of tool that spreads the information,” were the words from the director of Dubai Police’s anti-organised crime unit Col. Abbulrahim bin Shafi that was got people’s attention this week. So, the question remains: exactly does constitute as rumors or false information?

US debt crisis: explained

Though we know our Kipp readers possess an excellent understanding of economics, we still thought we’d recommend this simple break down of what the US debt crisis is all about. We liked it.

Vending Baguettes Machines

Don’t you hate when you are craving a nice warm French baguette at midnight and there are no bakeries opened to service you? Well, if you do, then perhaps you will find this description of a baguette vending machine a dream come true.

UK Rioters: the shame, the tragedy and the amusing.

The Looters and rioters of the UK have sure caused a flurry of activity on the web; the most inspiring of which is a website that aims to name and shame the looters; the most upsetting web article would be this which has shocking pictures of before/after scenes of riots; and the most amusing of all would be Photshoplooter: a meme-ish take on the current and unfortunate events across the UK.

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