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Wasim Saifi

How is the CEO of finance company Tamweel linked to a blonde celebrity who just campaigned to be US president? Through Kipp's six steps.

September 10, 2008 9:32 by

Wasim Saifi

The CEO of Dubai-based finance house Tamweel, Saifi is likely to be
under a lot of stress now. His deputy has just been arrested on corruption
charges, and the ex-CEO of Tamweel is also under investigation.

Saifi, who was appointed to the role earlier this year, has been chairman of
Tamweel’s audit and risk management committee. He has also served as executive
vice-president and head of retail and business banking at Dubai Islamic
Bank, and has worked in Mashreq, American Express and Standard Chartered.

Tamweel, which announced profits of more than $120m for 2007, is currently
expanding throughout the region. It started operations in Egypt this year,
and a few months back, Saifi met up with the country’s investment minister…


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