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Graphic smoking warning images around the globe

UAE Ministry of Health has made sure that all tobacco products in the UAE will carry graphic images of harmful effects of smoking on their packs, warning smokers to quit the habit. Kipp takes a look at some of the terrifying real pictures that have been a part of international cigarette brands.

August 9, 2012 2:53 by

  • Premature Ageing: Studies have shown that those who smoke on a regular basis age 5 years earlier than those who never smoke. This is one of the cigarette labels from Brazil.

    Photo credit:

  • Mouth cancer: Smoking substantially increases the risk of getting mouth cancer. This is one of the graphic warning labels used in India.

    Photo credit:

  • Lung cancer: Chemicals in the cigarette like ammonia, arsenic, benzene, formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide etc., affects the lungs and cause cancer.  This label is a picture of a dying Barb Tarbox, who died of lung cancer in 2003, has been used on most of the cigarette packs in Canada since 2011.

    Photo credit: CPHA

  • Macular degeneration and blindness: Chemicals from cigarette smoke can enter the blood vessels in the eye and causes irreversible loss of vision. There is no cure for it. The label can be found on cigarette packs in Australia and New Zealand

    Photo credit: Tobacco Pack Warning Resource

  • Stroke: This label is a picture of a stroke patient, can be found in the back of cigarette pack in Canada.

    Photo credit: CPHA

  • Oral Cancer: Another warning label used in cigarette packs in Canada.

    Photo credit: CPHA

  • Laryngeal cancer: The “Smoking Stoma” label is one of the 36 warning labels unveiled by the FDA and is being used in 37 countries worldwide. The label can be found on the back of cigarette packs in Australia and New Zealand.

    Photo credit:

  • Foot amputation: One of the nine graphic warning labels released by the FDA last year.

    Photo credit:

  • Impotency: This label has been used in cigarette packs in New Zealand since 2010.

    Photo credit:

  • Gangrenous foot: This ghastly image of a gangrenous foot is one of the few graphic warning labels used in Australia.

    Photo credit: Tobacco Pack Warning Resource

  • A graphic warning label from Thailand.

    Photo credit:

  • “When you smoke it shows” label from Canada.

    Photo credit: CPHA

    Cover image source:


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  1. Francine Soltani on August 10, 2012 5:28 pm

    Look at this picture.


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