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Ways to keep cool this summer

With Dubai temperatures already heading toward the 50 degree mark, here are Kipp’s tips for staying cool this year.

June 21, 2010 5:00 by

  • No, they’re not just for kids anymore: a day at the water park offers something for everyone. Next time you’re in the market for refreshing fun, cool off with the wet and wild rides at Wild Wadi.

    This state-of-the-art water park offers its share of thrills and relaxing kickbacks. It’s an ideal way to beat the heat, with dozens of cool rides, legions of trained lifeguards, and literally acres of water-filled fun. Green spaces offer a refreshing place to enjoy food and drinks from one of the park’s five onsite restaurants. And every Thursday night is Ladies Night –complete with a ladies only staff of lifeguards and service attendants.

    Aquaventure may be the new kid on the block, but Kipp is still a loyal fan of the Wadi. So spend the day tubing the “lazy river,” or ride the river rapids – it’s all cool.

  • If you did fancy a movie somewhere this summer, forget the cinema. You could do far worse than try the Dubai Polo Club. Every Thursday night the club hosts “cine splash,” when families can make use of the club pool while watching a couple of films. Entrance is free to members, AED 30 to non-members.

    Sound like a bit much bother? That’s OK – don’t underestimate the fun-potential of a cool evening at home. Let’s face it, you aren’t going anywhere far in this heat, so why even try? Crank up the AC, pop in the latest summer flick, and call some friends for movie night.

    It’s (virtually) free and there’s no need to hunt for parking, fill up with petrol, or battle the traffic. Order in a pizza, and you won’t even have to heat up the kitchen.

  • You want the ultimate summer escape? How about an indoor ski resort in the middle of a the desert. That could only be Ski Dubai. Billed as the “coolest thing to do in Dubai,” this one-of-a-kind indoor ski venue puts the emphasis on “cool.”

    You’ll find a wide range of snow sport offerings, like skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing. So you can take an hour-long lesson and hone your technique, or hit the slopes directly to show off your skills. But you needn’t be an adrenaline junkie – you could just get a pass for the snow park and play in the snow.

    And if life in Dubai leaves you lacking in snow gear, never fear – for the price of a “slope pass,” you’re covered head to toe. An adult ski slope day pass will set you back AED 300, children pay AED 240.

  • When you’ve had it with the sweltering sun, lace up your skates and head to Dubai Mall for a spin on the ice. Dubai ice rink is an Olympic-sized venue that offers an easy option for beating the heat. Here you can play on the ice, practice with a trainer, or plan one very cool party – and it’s open year round.

    Work off some calories and get your cardio with disco-on-ice sessions featuring light and sound that turn the rink into a dance floor. An in-house DJ will even take your requests.

    Or for family fun, moms and tots get a cool price, at just AED 50 for both. And while you’re there, get some baby skating pointers; each skate session features a skating coach on premises.

  • No, it’s not Scandinavia; it’s the Ice Bar in Dubai – the Middle East’s first ice lounge, reminiscent of the ultra cool icy venues in Finland and Norway.

    While trendy ice lounges are popular worldwide, you might not expect one in the UAE – but Dubai locals can now enjoy dining in frigid sophistication, too, at the Time Square mall. The restaurant offers cold cuts, cheeses, ice cream, and “mocktails,” all served with ice tableware, on ice benches and chairs.

    And don’t worry about dressing for the weather, hooded parkas, gloves, shoes, and sheepskin throws are on hand to keep you cozy.

  • From the islands and fjords of its rocky southern coastline, to the majestic peaks of the interior, Alaska is still the last frontier for adventurers from around the globe. And at these northern latitudes, the sun barely sets on the summer fun. So if you can afford it, grab your gear and head for those distant peaks.

    It may seem a hell of an effort, and it is, but let’s face it; Alaska is all about adventure. From fishing to hiking, camping, or hunting, this state has it all. But don’t forget your coat, summer temps are a frosty 10 Celsius in the morning, and may barely break 15 degrees by midday.

  • Not literally, of course. But you can go and see them. Dubai Mall’s underwater zoo now has three pairs of Gentoo penguins waddling about in a special exhibit with ice beds and sub-zero temperatures.

    And if you’re looking for refreshment, how does ten million liters of watery adventure sound? You won’t need your scuba gear, although you can dive in the Dubai Mall’s aquarium if you like. Here you’ll go eye-to-eye with one of the world’s most diverse collections of marine life. Get up close and personal with sharks, stingrays, and sand tiger sharks. For those who don’t fancy a dip, take a stroll through the glass tunnels flanking the aquarium.

    The aquarium’s special ‘lunar-cyclic’ lighting system gets you in an underwater mood, with  great ambient lighting that changes depending on the time of day. And in the zoo you can walk along the rainforest, rocky shore, and ocean habitats to glimpse everything from the penguins to piranhas and beyond.

  • When the dazzle of the UAE has you in its spell, it’s easy to forget the underwater adventures that await beneath the surface. And scuba diving is a heck of a way to escape the sun.

    The waters of the Arabian Gulf offer novice divers and old pros the chance to experience exotic wildlife or explore a sunken ship. Take your pick from a variety of established dive shops and instructors, resorts, and accommodations.

    If diving is not your thing you could cool off with a quick snorkel, but don’t forget your sunscreen. Kipp found out the hard way that snorkel sun burn can be a nasty thing.

  • Pitch your umbrella, spread out the beach towel, and build a sandcastle. A day at the beach is still the ultimate summer getaway. Many of us have childhood memories of summers at the sea-side, and it’s still the easiest place to host an impromptu get together – no worries about seating or space at the dining table. Stay cool with an ice chest of refreshments, and take a dip when the sun gets the best of you.

    Temperatures at the beach are often a little lower than elsewhere in Dubai, so it’s a cheap and effective way to beat the heat. For optimum enjoyment, however, head down there later on in the day, when the sun is not so fierce.


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