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Weather gets good, we spend cash

Weather gets good, we spend cash

After the long, uncomfortable summer, residents of the UAE can finally open their doors, windows… and wallets. Kipp asked where you have spent your cash since emerging, blinking, into the light.

November 30, 2010 3:34 by

With more than half of the votes counted, that left little for other events to carve up between them. Kipp expected golf to figure more prominently, as it seems that every man and his dog we know is out on the course at the weekend. But just 5 percent of you say that’s where your money goes, just one percent more than are spending their cash on desert activities. Not that they cost much, but 7 percent of you are dropping your dough at the beach or on water sports, and 6 percent opt for other sports such as cycling.

The big events, such as the Grand Prix, the golf, or concerts (for instance Akon, this weekend), are attracting a meager 7 percent of Kipp readers’ collective dollars. Finally, the choice we thought would have been certain to grab most spenders (and our personal favourite) took 12 percent: al fresco drinking and dining.

If you aren’t making the most of the magnificent weather, Kipp suggests you find a way. You don’t even have to spend much cash – Kipp paid AED 5 for entry to Creek Side Park in Dubai last weekend, and loved every second of it. These are the UAE’s best months – make the most of them.

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