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What does the UAE do with 200KG per capita of paper a year?

What does the UAE do with 200KG per capita of paper a year?

Besting the global average of 60KG per capita of paper usage, the UAE’s plans for a green living won’t get anywhere if paper use remains unchecked, says Precious de Leon.

September 19, 2011 3:31 by

So according to Gulf News, the UAE registers one of the highest paper consumption in the world at 200kg per capita.

The figure was released during the opening of Paper Arabia 2011. Unsure as to how to tell this story without sounding like it is glorifying the use of paper, GN did the safe thing and just told the story matter-of-factly: “It’s 200KG in UAE while in most developed countries it doesn’t event reach 100KG. So there.” Well at least they didn’t say there was a boom in the paper industry and that it was expected to grow. At least.

Reading this story actually rings so many alarm bells. Not only are we consuming a gigantic amount of paper for such a tiny country, that number is also increasing at up to 6 percent a year.

Did I miss the memo that the country was going for some kind of world record at paper consumption?

Sure, we’re on par with Italy and Spain and both these countries’ consumption figures are also worrying considering that the global average is 60kg per capita, according to the Indonesian Pulp and Paper Association. India registers 9kg. In the meantime there are some countries in Europe that are shrinking their rate of consumption.

So what can be done? Recycle. It’s not just for hippies anymore. It’s serious business to recycle. Everyone needs to get involved. And, lastly, for the people who already have the intention of saving on paper, unfortunately, systems just aren’t in place yet to allow them to live a paperless life. But we’re sure someone is thinking about this. Hopefully things will be implemented soon.

With Kipp being a digital-only title, you can bet our paper consumption is down to a minimum. No printing, most everything in digital. Don’t you think this is a concern? What do you think your office can do to lessen their paper consumption?

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