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What if you could see the world with Internet goggles and other fascinating stories on the web this week…

Find out why having a lower salary than your peers can be a form of motivation for the young and why sitting in the quietest place on Earth will mess with your head

April 5, 2012 4:10 by

If you could see with Internet goggles?

It is tough to explain what exactly Google Goggles will look like, which is why we think you should check out this video for Project Glass.

How cool is that?

Currency disunion

Why Europe’s leaders should think the unthinkable. Unable to devalue their currencies, struggling euro countries are trying to regain competitiveness by “internal devaluation”, ie, pushing down wages and prices. That hurts: unemployment in Greece and Spain is above 20%. And resentment is deepening among creditors. So why not release the yoke? Read this article for more.

Pay, peers and pride

In western Germany, seeing peers’ incomes rising actually makes young people happier (even more than a rise in their own incomes, remarkably). It is only those people over 45, when careers have “reached a stable position”, whose happiness is harmed by the success of others.

Quietest place on Earth mutes all sounds, messes with your head

The anechoic chamber at Orfield Laboratories in Minnesota can mute 99.99% of all sound, but visiting the silent oasis isn’t as calming as you might expect. The room holds the current Guinness World Record as the quietest place on the planet, and companies from all over the world seek out its unique acoustic properties. But while the super-silent oasis is a great testbed for various products, it holds a darker side: silence, it turns out, can put a great strain on the human brain.

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