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What not to do when you get a nose job

What not to do when you get a nose job

If you’ve had a nose job you’d rather keep secret, do not make appearances on state-media and do not claim to be mugged and assaulted—you might just lose your job over it-especially if you are a Member of Parliament in Egypt!

March 6, 2012 3:56 by

So you have always felt your nose needed a little shortening, have you? Of course, there is that rather awkward period after the surgery of walking around with a Band-Aid across your nose and two black eyes. What should you do? Maybe you wish to exercise a little discretion when you have just had your nose done, maybe you want to take a long vacation, lock yourself up in your apartment and tell everyone you are writing your life’s memoirs-the possible cover-ups are countless.

But the last thing, the very last possible thing you should do, especially if you are an MP bound to be photographed or caught on TV, is claim you sustained injuries when you were ‘assaulted and robbed by masked gunmen on a highway.’

It may seem like a tiny white lie but when you stand in front of a camera crew on national television and you are a member of parliament no less, the tiny white lie can grow out of proportions (quite like your former nose). This is, at least, what Egyptian MP Anwar Al Balkeemi found out the hard way after members of the hospital he visited for the procedure, stepped forward to address Balkeemi’s false claims. So much for patient-doctor confidentiality. Apparently things work differently in Cairo; things got real messy (quite like Balkeemi original honker).

And though we, here at Kipp, find it all rather amusing, Balkeemi’s fellow party members don’t. In fact they released this statement: “After investigations, the party decided that Al Balkeemi has lied and should make an official apology to Al Nour, members of the parliament, the media and the security agency as well as to all the people of Egypt for causing concerns and disturbance.”

Balkeemi, has since quit the party, making him the first to quit the newly-elected parliament. He now faces charges of false report and disturbance of authorities. It may be fair to point out such an instance would have had a very different outcome in Lebanon or in Iran where there is a less of a stigma associated with cosmetic surgery. Yet understanding the sensitivities around getting a nose job, perhaps Balkeemi would have been better off flying out to Dubai or Thailand-where the concept of health tourism for cosmetic surgery is a well developed tourism. And while a holiday may be great, there is the added bonus of the knowledge that the hospital staff would keep their noses out of your business (oh come on-we had to!).

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  1. Lia on March 6, 2012 6:33 pm

    He could’ve used the NoseSecret nose corrector and no one would’ve ever argue plastic surgery.


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