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What to get your Mum this Mother’s Day?

Mother’s day is around the corner and if shopping for gifts just isn’t your thing, take a look at Kipp’s top six gift ideas for Mother’s Day…

May 9, 2012 4:37 by

  • What: Sunglasses

    Why: Sunglasses are perfect for all the outdoorsy moms because besides giving her protection, they can be worn during any season. If chosen rightly, sunglasses can be the perfect, sophisticated and elegant gift for your mum.


    Where: Sunglasses Hut at Dubai Mall (free gift wrap with DH 460 purchase, offer is valid till May 13, 2012)

    How Much: Oakley (polarized) – DH 294 – Great for casual or sports wear


    Gucci – DH 1,084 – eleagant, classy and modern luxury sunglasses

    Bvlgari (Limited Edition) – DH 2,387 – Mediterranean flower sunglasses features elegant Swarovski crystals in a flower pattern


    What: A book, how about “Desperate in Dubai” or an e-book reader


    Why: Book stores maybe going out of fashion, but if you manage to find one why not gift your Mum one of the season favourites: “Desperate in Dubai.” But if your mum’s bookshelf is overcrowded and stuffed with books, then Kindle fire is a great idea. With a collection of digital music, video, magazine, and book services, your mum will be to use a lot of android applications on the tablet.

    Where: Desperate in Dubai” is available at Jashnamal and Kinokuniya. Kindle products can be bought from Amazon website.

    How Much: The book is priced at DH 39 and Kindle Fire is DH 731 on

  • What: A healthy cookbook or a fitness center registration


    Why: The WeightWatchers New Complete Cookbook could be your healthy mom’s best kitchen companion. Or if your mum is more of the active type, working out in a fitness center could keep your mom in good shape and stay motivated.



    Where: The cookbook is available on

    In Shape Ladies Fitness Center is located on Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai

    How Much:
    WeightWatchers New Complete Cookbook costs DH 52. A Basic Membership at the fitness center would cost anywhere between DH 1,550 to DH 3,960 for a year.

  • What: Diamond or precious metal earrings, charms or pendants



    Why: There is some truth behind the saying ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend.’ If you need options, why not decide between earrings, charms and pendants. Find out which precious metal your mum is fond of: gold/ silver/ white gold. If you want to be super thoughtful, you can customize the jewellery piece by using your mother’s birthstones or favourite precious stones.

    Where: You can purchase these mother’s day accessories that are available on Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

    How Much: Our favourite is this 14 carat gold Mother and Child locket priced at DH 438

  • What: A Digital Camera or an iPad 3



    Why: If your mother is the default photographer of the family and loves to play around with digitized images then upgrading the camera she uses might not be a bad idea. Our pick? This 16 megapixel, touch screen Canon PowerShot A3400 IS.

    On the other hand, if you have an Apple-crazy mother, the new iPad 3 is perfect. A 16 GB iPad 3 for your tech savvy mom is another option.

    Where: Canon PowerShot A3400 IS is available on Dealaboo! – with a 17 percent discount. The iPad 3 is available at Sharaf DG stores


    How Much: DH 477 for the Digital Camera and DH 3,349 for a 16 GB iPad 3

  • What: A Blackberry or a classy watch




    Why: Working mothers are always juggling too many things at a time, struggling to strike a balance between their professional and family life. A Blackberry will help her manage her work time, set reminders, keep a track of office-related matters and stay in touch with her colleagues. If you buy her one, make sure you download many free Blackberry applications specially created for women.

    You can also gift her nice classy watch best suited for her work outfits.

    Where: Blackberry Smartphones are available at Sharaf DG. Rivoli Group offer great variety of watches. 



    How Much: A Blackberry Smartphone can cost anywhere from DH 600 to DH 2,800. We love the Blackberry Bold 9900, which is available for DH 2,077 on Our favourite CK Glow watch costs DH1,500.


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