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What you shouldn’t do on Twitter, according to the TRA

SAN FRANCISCO, CA  - DEC 9: Twitter changes to online and mobile

White paper lists appropriate behaviour on the social media platform

July 17, 2014 12:54 by

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) released a white paper, explaining the UAE law and how to adapt it to social media.

The first of a series of ‘awareness documents’, the paper discusses the ‘dos and don’ts of Twitter’; guidelines for other platforms have also been released as well.

Twitter usage is high in the UAE with approximately 2.5 million tweets being published per day.


The UAE law is clear regarding publications, even with regards to personal views. Anything written against the nation’s culture, public morals and social welfare is considered to be a crime. In addition, statements made against Islam or other ‘heavenly’ (Abrahamic) religions (Judaism and Christianity) are also considered against the law.

There are a number of other guidelines set by the authority to prevent individuals from threatening others and instigating violence.

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