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When reality TV hits hard

When reality TV hits hard

Are you really ready for the camera and the spotlight? You better know what you’re doing before you get your 15 minutes of spotlight.

March 14, 2012 4:20 by

The American Idol is looking for its 11th winner. And with each season, the show’s marketing team wants us to believe that the every year the competition is getting tougher and more competitive. It’s up to you to believe whether it’s true or not.

To Kipp what’s interesting is that there have been 10 singers voted by America to be an American Icon. So where are these ‘amazing’ 10? Aside from the brief momentum of the first winner, Kelly Clarkson, gained two years after her win and then Season 4 winner country singer Carrie Underwood’s still slightly twinkling star, we haven’t really seen any other winners sweep the music industry the way Lady Gaga or Adele have done.

Ironically, receiving all the music and acting accolades right now is Jennifer Hudson, who won seventh place in the third season of American Idol. Hudson is not only a Grammy winner but she also picked up an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

The less than fairytale results to reality TV competitions are not restricted to the American Idol or the X Factor. Where are the winners, for example, of Chef Raymond Blanc’s TV show, The Restaurant? The show, which promises financial investment and keys to a restaurant location to a couple that shows the best F&B concept, has recently finished its third season. Two of its previous winners have reportedly left their restaurant concepts up to the management of Blanc’s company within months of operating their restaurant prize. (Kipp calls shenanigans on the show’s real motives, but hey-ho…that is another blog post.)

And closer to home, what happened to the winners of the Hydra Executives in Abu Dhabi, who aspired to create their own business empires? Kipp knows of only one candidate who stayed in Dubai after first season finished and he was quite adamant to dissociate himself from the project. Ho-Hum.

So where is Kipp going with all this? Well this is just a cautionary tale for anyone who is auditioning for Sony Entertainment and Dubai One’s reality TV show with du called The Entrepreneur. With a March 31 deadline looking, a lot of would-be business owners are most likely submitting their battle plans and hoping to get picked up by the network.

The caution here is that while it’s tempting to attempt to make a dream of owning your own business into reality, you best be sure that you know your idea inside out, and that it is your own idea that you will cultivate yourself, and that you are sure that a fast-track to business stardom is something you can handle.

The folks at Du, Dubai One and Sony Entertainment are good to encourage entrepreneurship in the region. Meanwhile, Kipp would also like to remind budding entrepreneurs that in the end, whoever is paying the bills gets to have a say in ensuring that the business will be successful and that includes having a say in the direction of the business, the agencies your hire and even where your office space should be located.

Kipp is simply saying: have a strong conviction, not just in your business concept, but how you want to execute that as well. And you should be good to go in front of the camera and compete for that million dollar investment….and action!

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