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Where is Costner when you need him?

Where is Costner when you need him?

How do you fancy having your post delivered direct to your home? What do you mean a man brings it to your desk? Oh.

March 7, 2011 2:43 by

Now don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t always take two months to get mail here in the UAE, but if anything that uncertainty only makes the system even more inconvenient. (Although of course it must be said, much of the delay is down to ‘security’ measures, with mail being subject to random inspection.)

Then you have the delivery aspect: No one has a proper address, and there are no delivery men. Now on the face of it, we concede this would surely fail the Costner test, but in reality, by using a work PO Box, most people get their mail at their desks – that’s actually even more convenient, from a post point of view. Although I do have one issue with it – because no post arrives at my home I can’t prove my place of residence, which is a problem for some international banking activities, for instance. Am I the only one with this problem?

Fortunately some news this week suggests that problem, at least, could soon become a thing of the past. Emirates 24-7 reports that from April, residents of Palm Jumeirah will become the first in Dubai to have post delivered to their doorsteps. Emir Mail, a Dubai-based independent mail delivery company, will have 250 postal delivery staff in the first year to serve and deliver mails to various Dubai communities, with the number rising to 1,200 in the next two years, Rabia Ijaz, Marketing & Sales Manager, Emir Mail told the paper. “The mail will be picked-up from Emirates Post offices and sorted at the Emir Mail Hub. We have a fleet of delivery vans and eco-friendly scooters to be used by the postmen,” Ijaz said.

Costner would be proud (even if we can’t help thinking that yet another level of sorting will just add more delay). But hold your horses – for the privilege of mail to your door, the company is planning to charge a whopping AED 2,500 a year for three times a week delivery, and AED 3,500 for six times a week. The paper says the price “will include free mailbox, free five kilogram delivery, free mailbox to mailbox delivery and mailbox transfer.” Maybe so, but that’s a lot of money to get something brought to your house that most of us have at work.

We’re not sure where we’re going with this. We suppose we’ll just conclude by saying it’s a good job that The Postman was not set in Dubai, otherwise Cosso would be rebuilding society on a system of post office boxes and expensive private deliveries, and post that takes forever to arrive. And that would have made the film even longer and more boring than it was originally.

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  1. Basel A-Shaban on March 8, 2011 7:20 am

    Wait a minute, we have postal services in Dubai?


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