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Where is Costner when you need him?

Where is Costner when you need him?

How do you fancy having your post delivered direct to your home? What do you mean a man brings it to your desk? Oh.

March 7, 2011 2:43 by

Did you ever watch The Postman, starring Kevin Costner. No, wait, seriously. Hey, come back! Give me a minute and I’ll explain. Okay, so do you remember it? It was a post-apocalyptic movie directed by big Kev and based on a 1985 sic-fi book called, you guessed it, The Postman.

Set in 2013 (uh oh, that’s soon), some unnamed disaster has befallen the world and there has been a global collapse of societies. We’re supposed to presume some kind of nuclear event has taken place, I think. Anyway, so far so cheery. The big man, KC, plays a wondering nomad just sort of plodding along. He’s captured by an army and then has to escape via something to do with a lion, then he sleeps in an old postal van and finds some letters, then he shows up at some town to deliver a letter from 15 years earlier, and pretends that he has come from a newly formed government miles away.

One thing leads to another, and he inadvertently inspires the founding of a postal service. Then he goes off to a town run by Tom Petty (yes, the one with the Heartbreakers), rides in a cable car, and gathers a small force before killing the army’s leader and having a baby called Hope (not him, some other guy’s wife who he paired up with). Then they make a statue of him.

I can concede, reading that back, that I’m not really selling the film. But the point is this: In the film, the restoration of society and of some kind of social structure comes from a postal service. The story implies that basic organized communication is essential if you want an organized society.

Kipp has no idea whether that’s true, but if it is we wonder what the UAE’s curious postal system means. Given that the nation is full to the brim with expats, the time it takes for your average post to get in and out of the country is crazy. Kipp has waited close to two months on occasion for post coming from Europe. For your reference, the equivalent time to Australia is between five days and, if you’re really unlucky, maybe up to two weeks. And for those with a shaky grip of geography, Australia is quite a way away, and is also absolutely massive.

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  1. Basel A-Shaban on March 8, 2011 7:20 am

    Wait a minute, we have postal services in Dubai?


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