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Who rules the roost, men or women?

Working team of men and women

John Lincoln from du tells us about the art of entrepreneurship and whether its men or women that make better entrepreneurs...

October 7, 2012 11:00 by

So what are the differences between men and women?

Experts have discovered that there are real differences in the way the men and women’s brains are structured and in the way we react to events and stimuli. We all are wired and created differently with no possibilities of social engineering by some mad scientists somewhere.

Who has better interpersonal and verbal communications skills? Is it men or women?

It is an established fact by scientists that women communicate more effectively than men. They are better at coping with language than boys. When a woman communicates with another human being, they look right into the other person’s eyes and hold that eye contact longer than men.

A woman’s relationships and sensitivities to externalities are deeper and more sustainable than men. Men have a pronounced need to fulfill their goals and women rank relationships with others first.

Who has a keener intuitive mindset?

Women have a more superior and keener experience of all the senses. This relative observation of the extrasensory perception of women is mainly due to the bluntness of the male senses.

It is also known that women have a keener sense of picking up social cues, nuances, intonation, meaning and intensity of conversations and expressions.

Men are often utterly frustrated and exasperated at a woman’s reaction to what they say. Women tend to be better judges of character.

As we age, women have a better memory for names and faces, and a greater sensitivity to other people’s preferences.

All this makes women more intuitive than men.

Who is a better listener?

During my early years of marriage, I often wondered why my wife kept insisting that I was yelling and that I needed to ‘tone’ down.

I am enlightened now! This is because sounds are more acute to a woman than man. The combination of their deeper multisensory awareness and hearing skills makes women better listeners.

Who has better abstract reasoning?

We have all heard that a man’s brain is programmed for hunting. Men are laser focused and goes for the kill.

Women’s brains can decipher a wider range of information. Women are equipped to receive a wider range of sensory information, and can act with greater facility and agility.

Men can better grasp a situation as a whole and think globally. However, women think locally, relying on details and nuances that matter. Women have a better capability of rewinding relevant information over and over.

Who has better peripheral vision?

Men have firmer sense of direction. They need to track, trace and navigate the path to their goal. In other words, men see in a narrow field – mild tunnel vision – with greater concentration on depth. They have a better sense of perspective than women.

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