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Who rules the roost, men or women?

Working team of men and women

John Lincoln from du tells us about the art of entrepreneurship and whether its men or women that make better entrepreneurs...

October 7, 2012 11:00 by

Women, however, take in better the bigger picture literally speaking. Not only do women have literally a wider peripheral vision but woman can also store, for short periods at least, more irrelevant and random information than men. Men can excel only when the information is organized in some coherent form, or has specific relevance to them.

The combinations of an acute sensory awareness, a literal wider view of the world through the receptor con and rod cells in their retina and the overall intuitiveness gives women a better advantage in sensing signals that are almost always weak for men to detect.

Who has a better sustainable mindset?

Women are by nature nurturing, caring and giving.  Men are builders whilst women pass on the most valuable information for the positive evolution of the next generation. This innate ability to unselfishly nurture and give, gives them an advantage in ensuring that all under their care get the needed information to sustain in the long run.

In business, this gives women an advantage as the combination of their superior communications and personal relationship skills and this need to care and share will ensure that all shareholders are informed and acts on the long term sustainability of their enterprise.

Who strives better for continuous improvement? (Kaizen)

Men are normally satisfied with their own performance. Women on the other hand are self-critical and often have a low self-appraisal of their work.  Men are more independent in their thoughts and actions, whilst women seek out and are open to suggestions, comments, and opinions of others.

Who has better multi-tasking capabilities?

We have all heard that men are not good at multi tasking or that women are superior at multi tasking. Scientific studies have proven that women multi task better than men.

This is not surprising. Look at how working and at home moms do it.  How they juggle a career, work, study, child care, cooking and home care all at the same time. This is a no brainer for me. Women are definitely better and I don’t need any scientific proof for this truism!

Who has better independence, endurance and detail orientation?

We all know that women have longer life spans and are less prone to getting sick. Therefore in the macro sense, they are more enduring.

Women also perform well when required to do monotonous and arduous tasks. Look around your company at the different projects being tasked and completed. Who amongst them works independently and looks into every detail? The men normally boast of the big picture, but it is the women who endures and delivers a superb and detailed work.

In conclusion – So who are better entrepreneurs?

Well, it all depends on who you are and how your brain is wired to think.

Guys, as most of you are husbands, fiancées or boyfriends, brothers or sons to some wonderful woman somewhere, remember this before you answer – hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

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