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Why I joined Pinterst- and why your brand should too

Why I joined Pinterst- and why your brand should too

Have you ‘Pinned It’ yet? If you don’t know what we are on about, then you probably need to read this article.

February 25, 2012 1:18 by

Some of us here at Kipp headquarters are the very definition of social media-savvy. But not me. I was the last among my friend circle to join Facebook and Twitter. And while I use the former, finally getting around to tweeting has been keeping ‘get fit’ company on my New Year’s resolution list. I have yet to start ‘that blog’, nor have I Linked-In or Stumbled-Upon anything and my skeleton of a Youtube profile is embarrassingly bare.

Which is why, when I received an invitation to join ‘Pinterest’, I surprised even myself by accepting.

Although there have been so many more social media networking sites mushrooming around us, never before had I heard this much ‘buzz’ about a particular platform. And as it is indeed the masses that make or break these kinds of networks, I thought: let’s take the bull by the horns—after all since its launch, Pinterest has been the fastest growing independent site ever with 10 million unique monthly visitors.

Want to break it down further? On an average, Pinterest draws an impressive 1.5 million unique visitors per day, and typically each visit lasts on an average of 15 minutes. Truth be told, Pinterest is far more addictive than 15 minutes of usage—nonetheless, did you know that last month, January 2012, Pinterest generated more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined? Granted YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn aren’t necessarily the hottest of social media websites but they do factor above the Flickrs, and StumbleUpons.

The concept behind Pinterest is a collection of virtual bulletin boards. In the same way in which the bulletin board by your desk or in the office pantry would have a variety of interesting snip-bits, news clipping, photographs pinned onto it, Pinterest allows the user to ‘Pin’ a wide variety of images. Perhaps, what I appreciate the most of Pinterest, is the ease with which one can ‘pin’ an item onto ones board. By simply dragging the ‘Pin It’ button onto your tool bar, you will be able to ‘Pin’ pictures to your board when surfing the internet.

What is the difference from ‘Like’-ing it or ‘+1′-ing an aricle online? Well, Pinterest allows the user to organise objects of Pinterest onto various boards. For instance, currently I have a board titled ‘Oscars 2012′ where I pin up various pictures of my favorites for the ceremony.
But enough with how Pinterest is used; how and why should a brand use Pinterest? With the obvious statistics of Pinterest fast-growing user base aside, the medium is an excellent way to promote your product.

Of course, shameless self promotion is likely to be detected and frowned upon (much like any other social media platform), but if done skillfully-i.e. a balanced approached of social sharing and promoting-getting your products on Pinterest will mean it is more likely to be ‘re-pinned’ (shared).

The second obvious benefit is Pinterest can help generate traffic back to your website or your blog. It can help make you more popular. Yay! And lastly, Pinterest can help develop your ‘social’ presence. Instead of feeding your Pinterest feed with images upon images of your product, but posting about current affairs, current trends and other brands-you are likely to develop more of a social presence and you can distinctly determine what kind of social presence you would like it to be. Like-ing, commenting and re-pinning your followers and potential clients’ Pins from time to time can go a long way. Oh yeah and don’t forget to add ‘Pin-It’ tabs to all your stories, products and images–so that your users never forget your Pinterest presence.

OK, so these tips sound awfully a lot like advice for social media of any kind-but that is because Pinterest isn’t revolutionary. Granted there is a lot of interest and hype surrounding it right now, but the question is will it be sustainable? I can’t be sure, but for the first time after Twitter (which I was forever incredulous about) I get an inkling of a feeling that this is one website that is going to take off…so get pinning.

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  1. Nitebrain on February 25, 2012 2:40 pm

    Interesting article, but you are recommending that people violate the terms of the pinterest web site agreement. The site was not designed for self-promotion of any kind. Whether or not you call it balanced, unshameless or otherwise, does not matter. And it was not designed for (and should not be used for) driving traffic to your web site. This article should be unpublished.


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