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World’s wealthy see inheritance as “unnecessary burden”

World’s wealthy see inheritance as “unnecessary burden”

A third of rich folks don’t trust their kids to protect their inheritance, saying that financial legacy just isn’t as good as earned wealth, anyway. Precious de Leon reports.

November 14, 2011 5:52 by

… family conflict, as opposed to 32 percent of respondents with four or more children.


Of course even rich people have worries. Here are their top five challenges they expect in the future:

  • Economic turbulence/inflation/rising taxation (56%)
  • Caring for ageing populations (52%)
  • Employment opportunities (51%)
  • Climate change/environmental issues (38%)
  • Rising education costs (22%)

Here are the kind of skills do the wealthy think their kids should acquire?

  • IT/Technology (68%)
  • Science (59%)
  • Maths (54%)

And guess what? The global wealthy also has clear ideas on the languages the next generation should learn:

  • Chinese, particularly Mandarin (69%)
  • English (68%)

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  1. cashy on November 15, 2011 12:32 pm

    If parents don’t trust their children to protect the family inheritance, would it not be best to begin teaching the value of money at an early age to prevent future conflict?


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