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Dubai wins World Expo 2020 bid with 116 votes


The emirate beat Sao Paulo, Izmir and Ekaterinburg in the first, second and third rounds of voting, respectively.

November 27, 2013 8:35 by

7.40pm – Dubai receives 87 votes (52 per cent of votes) in round two. Izmir, Turkey has been eliminated with only 22 per cent of the votes. It’s now down to the UAE and Russia.


7.35pm – So far, 135 nations have voted in round two.


7.20pm – Candidates in the second round are Dubai, Yekaterinburg, Izmir. So far, 70 nations have voted.


7.05pm – Dubai qualifies for the second round of voting for Expo 2020 by getting 47 per cent of total votes.


7.00pm – Sao Paulo has been eliminated. Dubai is through to the second round of voting.


7.00pm – Dubai Expo 2020 receives 77 votes in the first round.


6.55pm – Still no announcement, but 150 nations have voted so far.


According to Fisheye Analytics, Dubai’s bid to host Expo 2020 has reached 850 million people around the world using social media.


6.45pm – Okay so it’s taking slightly longer than we all expected. The first round of voting is still underway.


6.30pm – Over 70 nations have already cast their vote. We’re supposedly only minutes away from hearing the results of the first round of voting.


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6.10pm – The proceedings started late, which means that the final decision will be announced a little later than expected, possibly at 9pm UAE time. Within 10-15 minutes, we’ll be hearing about which city is the first to be eliminated.


If social media following is anything to go by (it isn’t), then Sao Paulo would be the first city to be eliminated, with only 181 people following its Expo 2020 bid on Twitter, followed by Ekaterinburg (592 followers), Izmir (7,048 followers) and Dubai (70,618 followers).


5.45pm – The first round of voting has commenced and the atmosphere is understandably tense. Everyone is anxiously waiting to find out which city will be the first to be eliminated.

5.30pm – The voting process, which is scheduled to start momentarily, is expected to take up to three hours. The city with the least votes will be eliminated after each round, but if a candidate gets two thirds of all votes at any round it wins.


The BIE delegates waiting before the final vote starts:


5.15pm – In about 15 minutes, the 165-member nations of the BIE will vote to select the host city for World Expo 2020. Which city do you think will be the first to be eliminated? Rumour has it that Brazil might be out of the game.

Unless a city gets two thirds of the vote, we move on to round two and then round three.


Delegates of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) are now on a two-hour break. All candidate cities have given their final presentations and nothing more can be done.

Live broadcast of the voting will begin at 5.30pm Dubai time. Once the first city is eliminated, we’ll all have a much clearer idea of who the winner might be. The final result will be announced at 8.30pm today, but since all the presentations were late, the final decision might be late as well.


#DubaiExpo2020, #Expo2020 and #Paris have been trending on Twitter all day, although #UAENationalDay has recently taken over.


If Dubai is successful, it will be great for the economy, but real estate experts warn that the short-term sentiment could lead to excessive price growth and overdevelopment.


Reem Al Hashemi, the minister of state and managing director of the Dubai World Expo 2020 bid committee, said: “The Dubai Expo has rapidly become the dream of an entire nation.”


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For Dubai residents, the most popular rumour has been that tomorrow (Thursday) will be a public holiday if Dubai’s World Expo 2020 bid is successful. Do you think we will?


Russia focuses its Expo 2020 presentation on subsidies for emerging countries and providing firms a global platform.

Brazil’s presentation on Expo 2020 bid included history, heritage and providing a gateway to Latin America.

Turkey focused upon Izmir’s medical and scientific achievements.


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Here’s a picture of HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed and Sheikha Lubna Al Qassimi watching the UAE’s presentation for Expo 2020:


3.15pm – Dubai, Izmir, Sao Paulo and Ekaterinburg have all concluded their final presentations at the 154th BIE General Assembly.


Dubai’s theme is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” The emirate is looking at attracting 25 million visitors, with the main site right next to the new Al Maktoum International Airport.

Ekaterinburg’s theme is: “The Global Mind.” They plan for just 12 million visitors.

Izmir’s theme is: “New Routes to a Better World/Health For All.”

Sao Paulo’s theme is: “Power of Diversity, Harmony for Growth.”


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3pm – Unconfirmed sources from Paris have told us that the battle now is between Russia and the UAE.


The voting process is limited to 165 countries after excluding South Sudan, Chad and Costa Rica.

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